About Us

With MyPascoConnect, the users can get access to various educational tools like the educational cloud files, your Active Directory shares, and the applications in real-time. The only condition is that the school or the institute must have the official portal installed.

This portal is extremely user-friendly as it can be accessed from any web browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc. No special application is required to access this portal. MyPascoConnect has been working like magic for the educational systems, the students, and the parents.

If you have any issues, you can contact the customer support of this portal without any sort of hesitation. Also note that this is not the official website, just a blog where users understand how the website is used.

MyPascoConnect works as a Pasco single-center solution to the single sign-on problem of students, teachers, and parents. With the assistance of this online portal, users do not need to remember different passwords for all types of services provided by the official Pasco portal.

Using this online portal is an exclusive sign-in service that students and school staff, that includes teachers, can access after registering on this online portal. Users can customize their MyPascoConnect profile as per their requirements.

It is necessary that proper education is one of the most important things for the students to achieve the overall development. MyPascoConnect portal is launched to simplify the education system. Also, this portal encourages digital education to a great extent.

MyPascoConnect is one of the most incredible efforts to make sure that the students and parents can communicate with the teachers easily. This portal has enhanced the transparency of the communication process to a great extent for the teaching staff along with the students and the parents.