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MyPascoConnect is Pasco’s unified solution to all the issues of a student, teacher, and parent authentication. With this portal, the students and the parents can reach out to the management team easily.

MyPascoConnect Contact Details

In case of any issues, contact the customer support of this portal on the following contact details:

  • If you have problems dispatch an email to the address
  • The use of MyPascoConnect is an exclusive record that students and school personnel, including teachers, can access after first signing into their account. Users can also customize the My Pasco Connect account as per their requirements.
  • MyPascoConnect can be accessed with any good web browser, that includes Chrome, Firefox, etc.
  • If you wish to use all the features and functionality of the portal, you may need to use the class link extension available for the Chrome browser.

If you use the email address above, you can contact the MyPascoConnect management team and note that the email address provided is only available to answer the queries and the issues. Therefore, we only ask students to use the email address provided to contact the management team.

If someone like teachers or parents has a problem, contact us.

As the MyPascoConnect online is intended for academics, certain applications are already installed on their teachers. Few teachers use existing applications, while some use modified applications. Most academic apps are pre-installed so that students can easily use these applications.

You can easily change and modify your profile and default settings, eg. Add your own profile picture or select from an accessible library, modify the menu and folder color theme, and change the background image. When updates or changes are made to the My Pasco Connect passwords or some of the applications used, they can be easily changed from the My Profile section.