Pairing Code

MyPascoConnect is an online portal launched to make the life of the students, parents, and teachers easy. This portal is extremely easy and user-friendly for each and every user to use.

Even if you enter your exclusive school to access it, we have an option for that, the Mypascoconnect library.

This portal provides a wide range of services to both the students and parents that keep them unique as compared to the other portals. My Pasco Connect online portal can be accessed only at the official website of this portal at the address

A corresponding student code is required when registering for the main account. It is actually a six-digit numeric code.

In fact, pairing codes can be generated by students or others on behalf of students with the required authorization.

The paring codes are only available to students if your institution has activated the facility of the self-registration. Otherwise, you should contact the management team of the Institute for help.

Also, it is necessary to note that these codes are only valid 7 days after their generation by the students. A student can also have 5 pairing codes at the same time. If the student generates a new pairing code, the old pairing code will automatically expire and it will be now of no use.

MyPascoConnect makes it extremely easy for students to connect with teachers, and parents of students can also easily connect with the teachers. This actually eliminates the problem of parent-employee communication, which appears to be a major problem in the schools of the world.

Another positive aspect of this online portal is that it provides a complete solution to the many enrollment problems faced by students, parents, and staff.

This type of My Pasco Connect provides an easily accessible registration service for students, staff, and parents. As a result, you no longer need to remember passwords to sign in to your account.